Why does my cucumber have spikes?

Why do cucumbers have spikes?

The spikes are the plant’s defense system against the ripening seeds inside the cucumbers. The spike in the fruit fades or disappears as it matures. The spike is a typical adaptation in many unrelated fruits, and is thought to deter animals from eating them until the fruit is fully ripe, at which point the spikes rub off, or the fruit splits apart.


Cucumber belongs to the Cucurbit family of vegetables. They are separated into two types Pickling and slicing variants. Prickly cucumbers are common in both kinds, with various degrees of prickles. Some have tiny hairs, while others have spines that are completely bare. Slicing variants are less prickly, but pickling varieties are spinier. Cucumber’s spines aren’t harmful, but they’re really unpleasant to eat. The good news is that if the cucumbers prickles are excessively large, you can always peel them. The majority of prickly cucumber fruit is covered in small hairy prickles. The prickles will most likely come out with a good washing. Use a veggie brush to remove them if they don’t come off right away

How to grow cucumbers

Cucumbers have a long growing season, and after a time frame of 50 to 70 they are ready for harvest. On the vine, ripening of the fruit occurs typically at different intervals, so it is advisable to have them when they’re ready. When left on the vine for some time, it will start developing a bitter flavor. After the first female flowers open, which are the ones with the small cucumbers right underneath the blossom, expect mature fruit in a duration of 8 to 10 days. After the vines begin to yield, check them daily. A large percentage of cucumber cultivars have a deep green color, although some have a white or yellow tint or are speckled.

Cucumber with spikes






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