How to prevent radishes to grow above ground

Tips On How to Grow Radishes

Radishes are edible root vegetables that are pretty helpful when it comes to garnishing. They are rich in antioxidants and several minerals such as potassium and calcium, thus lowering your blood pressure and the risk of having heart diseases.

Tips to Prevent Radishes from Growing Above the Ground

  1. Ensure the soil you are planting on is crumbly for at least 14 inches deep. Radishes are a lot similar to carrots, this being that their roots spread deep and widely in the ground until they reach their maximum size. So, if the roots encounter any suffocation, they will push themselves over some time until they reach the surface.
  2. When planting, ensure to sow the seeds in depth between half an inch to one and a half inches. Many radish sowing seeds packets may instruct you to sow the seeds in a shallow depth, but it is good to go a little deeper to ensure that they are healthier.
  3. Ensure you maintain the soil’s temperature by giving the radish plants at least six hours of sunlight every other day. If the temperature is not balanced, it may cause the roots to grow over the soil.
  4. Be keen on the loose soil to ensure it does not lose any moisture, and to achieve this, it is good to add dry leaves and compost to ensure that the soil stays loose and avoid bitter radish.






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