How to grow herbs indoors with no soil

If you love your herbs, then you might be aware of their importance to your body. However, most homeowners want to do away with outdoor farming of herbs and bring the practice indoors. This could be due to a lack of suitable soil or poor weather. Hydroponics refers to the technique of growing plants using water only with no soil. 

The Requirements

First, you will need a good number of seeds from your spice box. You will also need a sieve, but you can also use a plastic storage basket that has small holes in the bottom. You can find such an item in your kitchen. Filtered water will also be needed, and a container where you will place the sieve. Finally, you should purchase fresh and non-refrigerated stems of mint or spinach.

The Process

The procedure for growing herbs without soil is as simple as it sounds. Put the water in the container and place the sieve in it. The sieve should not submerge but barely touch the water. Distribute the seeds into the sieve using your hand to prevent them from clamping together, and sprinkle some water on them to make them wait. Place the set up in an area with partial sunlight. 

Once the setup is in place, remember to change the water in the container every three days. Additionally, sprinkle water on the seeds at least twice a day to keep them moisturized. 






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