How to Grow Basil in a Mug

Basil is among the oldest herbs known to mankind. It has several health benefits to the human body and is a common ingredient in curries and stews. Bearing in mind the benefits, people plant it in their homes in different ways. Here is how you can grow the herb in a mug.

Steps for growing basil in a mug

• Buy potting soil, pebbles or pea gravel, and herb seeds: You can purchase these at a local agro-floral shop. They have the highest quality and will explain the nutrients in the soil.
• Clean your mug: Get your container and thoroughly clean it to remove any impurities that could alter the growth.
• Put ½ inch of the pebbles or pea gravel into your cup: Once it’s clean, put a few pebbles into the cup.
• Add potting soil: Add the nourished potting soil into your cup just after the pebbles.
• Water the soil lightly and add your Basil seeds: Lightly put water into the soil (not soggy, just enough water). Once the soil is damp to the touch, add the seeds.
• Place the cup on a window and watch it blossom: Put the cup in a window with sunlight and wait for the seeds to grow.

Quick tips for growing the herb

• A tall coffee cup works best.
• You should see sprouts within the first 5-10 days (it can be faster depending on the conditions).
• You can start pruning when they have three sets of leaves.
• Harvest when the plant has six or more leaves.






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